Saturday, 16 July 2011

Phenolphtalein Biodiesel Titration Indicator - 50 ml

Composition: solution of phenolphthalein in alcohol/water mixture.

Synonyms: phenolphtalein indicator solution for acid-base titrations.

Amount: 50 ml

Appearance and odour: clear liquid with alcoholic odour.

Packaging: professional white HDPE 50 ml dropper bottle with screw-on conical protective cap. Labelled.

Description and uses: high grade phenolphtalein based acid-base indicator solution. Add about three drops of indicator solution to any acid base titration and the titrated liquid will change colour from colourless to fuchsia (pink) from pH 8.2 to pH 10.

This so-called ‘pH interval' makes phenolphthalein indicator solution the preferred indicator for titrating waste vegetable oil with potassium hydroxide (KOH or ‘catalyst’) for biodiesel production from waste vegetable oil) solution.

Titrate 1 ml of waste vegetable oil dissolved in pure alcohol or 90 % rubbing alcohol (isopropanol - IPA) drop-wise with a solution that contains 1.00 g per litre of biodiesel catalyst (KOH) until the colour change from clear to pink occurs. Note the number of ml of KOH solution needed to get the colour change and add 7 to this number. That number is the amount of gram of KOH your vegetable oil will need to be converted to biodiesel fuel, using methanol, per litre of oil.

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CAS: 77-09-8 (pure phenolphthalein)
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