Friday, 8 July 2011

Potassium Permanganate - KMnO4 - 99+ % - 100 g

Chemical formula: KMnO4

Synonyms: permanganate of potassium

Amount: 100 g

Appearance and odour: deep purple-brown crystals without appreciable odour.

Grade: > 99 % - Lab grade

Packaging: professional wide necked, white HDPE bottle with blue conical seal cap and tamper ring. Labelled. Bottle and cap are UN approved and reusable.

Description and uses: one of the most commonly used strong oxidisers, for non-aqueous and aqueous use. As an oxidiser it's fairly comparable to potassium dichromate.

In potassium permanganate, manganese finds itself in oxidation state +VII, its highest possible. A powerful oxidising agent, during the oxidation process Mn +VII gets reduced to Mn +II (Mn 2+ salts) or Mn +IV (MnO2, insoluble manganese dioxide), depending on conditions. Like potassium dichromate it can oxidise primary alcohols (to acids) and secondary alcohols (to aldehydes) with considerable generation of heat.

In the dry state potassium permanganate oxidises the alcohol functions of glycerine with the mixture heating up so much that it can be used to ignite a Thermite reaction: drop pipette some glycerine on to a small pile of potassium permanganate and it more or less catches fire.

Permanganate is also a source of other manganese salts, by-products of the oxidation process.

In analytical chemistry potassium permanganate is used abundantly for redox titrations, as an oxidising titrant solution (usually standardised against hot oxalic acid). This grade is pure enough for analytical purposes.

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CAS: 7722-64-7

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