Thursday, 2 February 2012

Chromium Sulphate Hydrate - Cr2(SO4)3.12H2O - 99 % - 100 g

Chemical formula: Cr2(SO4)3.12H2O

Synonyms: chromium sulphate dodecahydrate, sulphate of chromium

Amount: 100 g

Appearance and odour: purple crystalline material without appreciable odour

Grade: 99 %

Packaging: professional wide necked, white HDPE bottle with blue conical seal cap and tamper ring. Labelled. Bottle and cap are UN approved and reusable.

Description and uses: one of the most important, highly water soluble chromic (Cr III) compounds. Industrially used as a tanning agent.

Combined with potassium sulphate it forms a typical alum (chromium alum - KCr(SO4)2.12H2O) which crystallises into large, purple octagonal crystals.

With strong alkali chromium hydroxide (Cr(OH)3) is precipitated but due to chromium’s amphoterism this dissolves in excess alkali to blue-green chromite (Cr(OH)4(-)), showing strong similarity with aluminium in that respect. Chromite can be oxidised easily with hydrogen peroxide, to yellow chromate (CrO4(2-)), a Cr VI compound. On acidification the dichromate ion - Cr2O7(2-) is then formed.

Cr III compounds can be reduced by means of zinc powder (available from this seller) in acidic conditions, to form the poorly stable Cr2+ ion.

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CAS: 10101-53-8
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