Sunday, 12 February 2012

Methyl Orange pH Indicator Solution - 50 ml

Chemical formula: aqueous solution of Methyl Orange (4-dimethylaminoazobenzene-4'-sulfonicacid sodium salt)

Synonyms: pH indicator solution, acid-base titration indicator

Amount: 50 ml

Appearance and odour: dark red-amber liquid without appreciable odour.

Grade: reagent

Packaging: professional white HDPE 50 ml dropper bottle with screw-on conical protective cap. Labelled.

Description and uses:
The colour of a methyl orange solution depends on the pH of the solution. Below pH = 3.1 it is a clear red, above 4.4 a clear yellow.

This makes it very suitable as an acid-base titration indicator, particularly for the titration of weak bases (ammonia and carbonates/bicarbonates for instance) with strong acids (HCl or H2SO4 typically). Add a few drops of the indicator solution to the sample of the solution to be titrated and titrate until the clear endpoint (transition from red to yellow) occurs.

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CAS: 547-58-0 (pure methyl orange)

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