Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Nessler Cylinders - 100 ml (pair) – Borosilicate Glass

Nessler Cylinders - a pair (2) - borosilicate glass.

Nominal capacity: 100 ml (brimful capacity about 150 ml).

Dimensions: height = 240 mm, outer diameter = 25 mm.

Two graduation marks, one at 50 ml, one at 100 ml.

Rimmed neck with pouring spout.

Brand: EROSE.


Essentially a pair of sturdy and roomy test tubes, Nessler cylinders are typically used for manual (without spectrophotometer), quantitative colorimetry. For instance, in the case of the quantitative determination of ferric ions with their blood red ferric thiocyanate (rhodanide) complex, 50 ml of a standard solution of Fe3+ (in the 100 - 500 ppm range) plus indicator is loaded into one tube, and a known volume of sample solution plus indicator in the other tube. By standard addition or by dilution with water the solution colour of both Nessler cylindesr is then matched visually and the concentration of Fe3+ in the sample solution calculated.

Of course the cylinders can also be used simply as large, sturdy test tubes for general use.

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