Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Thermite Report

The Thermite Report

Aluminothermic Reactions for Backyard Scientists

* * *

The Science of Extracting Metals and Alloys from their Oxides with ‘Goldschmidt’ (’Thermite’) Reactions

Gert Meyers – Oxford ChemServe (United Kingdom)

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·         37 pages, nearly 14,000 words, organised in 11 main sections (contents table included)

·         Ideal for element collectors, backyard scientists etc: make your own element samples for display or subsequent use!

·         Written by the author whose method was used by Theodore Gray (PopSci columnist) for home made Titanium (see PopSci No 76, January 2009, ‘Homemade Titanium’)

·         From theory (explained with the layman in mind) to practice: how to develop thermite formulations that deliver good quality metal

·         Practical formulations for 11 metals and for alloys

·         Jam packed with practical tips, how tos and other genuine advice to make anyone succeed

·         Troubleshoot thermites that don’t deliver

·         3 Appendices with highly relevant information

·         Referenced

·         FREE Postage worldwide!

·         Delivered as you choose: *.doc file by email, DVD by Royal Mail or printed hard copy by Royal Mail. Indicate your choice by means of the drop down menu.